Emsculpt Treatment in NYC

Emsculpt Treatment in NYC

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Are you looking for Emsculpt Treatment in NYC? Bioskin Laser is a medical spa in NYC with two locations in midtown and upper east side for your convenience. Our Emsculpt Treatment in NYC has been keeping our clients coming back to us as we are always committed to providing quality spa services. Our dedicated and experienced staff will deliver individualized services with compassion, professionalism, and the utmost respect for all our clients.

Emsculpt focuses on what no other nonsurgical body contouring technology does - your muscles.

Typically overlooked by other contouring treatments, muscles are a vital element of a sculpted abdomen or behind – and the beauty of receiving EMSculpt is that it not only eliminates excess fat, but works to strengthen and boost your muscles.

This makes EMSculpt a perfect solution for men and women of any shape and size who may have pockets of fat that refuse to budge, or those who are fit and slim, but are looking for a way to put the finishing touches on their hard work.

Emsculpt Treatment FAQs

How do Emsculpt Treatment work?

Emsculpt uses high - intensity focused electromagnetic technology to induce contractions in the targeted area. During an appointment, the EMSculpt panels are attached to either the stomach or the buttocks and left in place for 30 minutes as they target fat and build muscle. Throughout your treatment, you can simply lie back and relax while EMSculpt works its magic.

Am I a good candidate for Emsculpt Treatment ?

Most people can benefit from EMSCULPT treatments but there may be some considerations. A consultation is highly recommended so that we can put together the best treatment plan based on your desired results and unique requirements.

For more information on Emsculpt Treatment in NYC, contact Bioskin Laser at (212) 988-9188.

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Emsculpt Treatment in NYC