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“Nothing but positive experiences at BioSkin Laser! I'm almost finished with my laser hair removal treatment package so I can certainly write a fair review for this place. I am a Physician myself and have a busy schedule, I had to cancel couple times with short notice, Lisa gave me courtesy and didn’t mark as a no show. Samina is great, she is honest and friendly and makes you feel comfortable while getting treated. She knows how comfortable I am with the laser and can tailor the treatment for you (ie I can tolerate having the laser turned up while others cannot). We mixed up how many sessions I had done and I thought I had used up my last one, but Shani looked over my file and immediately called to let me know I still had a treatment left! They could have just let it go and I wouldn't have realized...so I did appreciate that a lot. Lisa is always helpful at the front, and is not pushy at all when it comes to scheduling more appointments or getting additional treatments. She even told me to wait for a special before buying more treatments...well I certainly will because I feel comfortable getting lasered here and have gotten great results. I don't care to go anywhere else!”

Written by: Duane Cohen*

“I purchased 10 sessions Venus Legacy at a very reasonable price. Andrea gave me an instruction sheet on what to do to help the treatment work as it should such as, drinking a lot of water, maintaining a healthy diet and eliminating coffee from my diet. Long story short after 5 sessions I have gone down from a size 6 to a size 4 and I went down from 130 lbs. to 125 lbs.! Let me just say, I had gone down to a size 4 before but I have never had to get rid of my old clothes. My old shorts and pants will not fit anymore!”

Written by: Monika Peterson*

“I love this place. Super conveniently located, tons of great options for whatever you are looking for. The staff are all friendly and amazing, they all make you feel comfortable and coming for a session is like a treat, not a chore. I've seen results from my past programs I've bought here Venus Freeze Cellulite package and would definitely recommend it.”

Written by: Sandra Wilson*

“First of all, it needs to be said that laser hair removal might possibly be the best invention of all time. I've wanted to try it for years now, and it wasn't until I took a chance and purchased a Special for BioSkin Laser, that I realized how great this place is and how effective their laser hair removal is. Their staff is very professional, they are very accommodating with their appointment times and the pricing is the best that I've seen anywhere. Even without a Lifebooker their packages are quite affordable and much cheaper than pretty much all of the other laser hair removal places that I've researched. Shani is the best. She's extremely knowledgeable, fast, friendly and always puts my comfort first. Their laser system, I'm told, has a much larger coverage area than other laser hair removal devices.”

Written by: Tomas Martin*


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