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Welcome to 21 metabolism reset program! Your ultimate goal is to become thinner, healthier, and not to gain wight you've just lost. Our program includes a combination of HCG injections and very low calorie diet under close supervision of licensed practitioner.

Take a "natural" hormone that body makes during Pregnancy - and lose a lot of weight and reset your "metabolism" so you lose as much pounds a day without feeling hungry or weak.

Loose up to 1 -2 pound of FAT a Day!

Doctor prescribed

Rx HCG injections

Medically supervised

A personalized diet program - lasting either 21 or 40 days – is created for each patient daily injections of HCG are given, and a diet of around 500-1000 calories per day is followed. Safe and effective method for weight loss, as pointed out most by Dr. Oz.

To begin your HCG Diet contact Dr. Volpe and Bio Skin Laser at 212-696-1900.

HCG - Human Chorionic Gonadotropin - is a hormone that present in men and women. It is produced by women in enormous quantities during pregnancy, as much as one million Units per day. In non-pregnant individuals HCG in combination with a specific low calorie diet similarly increases the metabolism and triggers a portion of your brain called hypothalamus to metabolize stored fat and make them available for production of energy. After each dose of HCG from 1500 to 4000 calories a day of your own fat are released into your blood stream to be used as an energy source. In other words, your own fat feeds you during the diet. Thats why most of the people report very little or no hunger and lots of energy while on a diet. Just like insulin helps your body use glucose, HCG helps your body use your own reserve fat for energy.

HCG is not a sex hormone and it never masculines's a woman or feminizes a man. It neither makes men grow breast nor does it interfere with their virility; it never makes women grow a beard or develop a gruff voice.

Our guidelines are based on original protocol by Dr. A.T.W. Simmons who spent a couple of decades of his life to fine tune a weight loss protocol that worked quickly, as very simplistic, but had long term success.

In our office we use pure form of HCG that was extracted from placenta made by licensed pharmacies in the US and available only by doctor's prescription.

DISCLAIMER: The FDA has not evaluated the statements listed above. The weight loss program offered above is an off label drug use, works only if combined with a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) and has to be always supervised by a duly licensed medical professional. Always seek the advice of a medical professional prior to starting the program. Individual results may vary, there is no guarantee, warranty or promises.


Phase One - Loading Phase

Two days before the diet we recommend you to eat a lot of fatty food. For example, pick a few of these items for your first 2 days: potato with sour cream, pizza, cream cheese bagel with bacon and sausage, ham/ cheese omelet, pork chop, buttered vegetables, fettuccini, Alfredo, garlic-cheese bread, salad with blue cheese dressing, and strawberries with whipped cream.

First of all, loading with fatty foods gives a signal to hypothalamus in your brain to start burning fat. Secondly, it allows for a smooth transition to the very low calorie diet (VLCD) phase to give you a lot of energy during diet. Those people who skip loading phase, usually feel hungry the diet and lose weight slower than those that load properly.



You have to eat 500 calories a day or 1/3 of your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) - your resting metabolism a day. If your BMR allows more than 500 calories, you have to complete these calories adding more proteins. Combination of foods you eat and HCG injections trigger the breakdown

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